Sel Soap, formulated for all skin types, purifies and revitalizes your skin with its abundance of minerals and moisturizing abilities. Salt softens and naturally purifies while rich natural clays detoxify and exfoliate.  Our handmade soaps are cured for a full eight weeks to provide an extremely long lasting and simply luxurious experience day after day. Sel Soaps are perfect for sensitive or reactive skin. No fragrance or dyes. Vegan Friendly.


We are happy to introduce our new line of Clay Masques. Our exotic, natural clay masques are enriched with finely powdered chrondus crispus seaweed from the pristine shores of Canada. Our luxurious masques deeply clean your pores and reawaken your skin.  They are suitable for all skin types and provide a natural alternative to chemical exfoliants, which can thin and damage your skin, and manual exfoliants that can scratch delicate skin.

Cleansers & Balms

Improve the appearance of your skin with our revolutionary cleansing formula. Our Deep Cleansing Emulsion takes care of pimple prone skin, smooths wrinkles and shrinks your pores.  Use as a base cleanser in conjunction with your favorite Sel Soap and Masque for great results. 

Protect your skin from environmental stressors and provide a barrier to skin-aging toxins with our Balm Riche.